Recruiting adult members

LSKC are recruiting adult members

We’re starting 2016 with an active recruitment drive for adult members!

You could be aged 18 or 80 years and we don’t mind what level of experience or skills you have. In fact, if you’re looking to join as a complete beginner, it’s a great time to get on board.

Got a new year’s resolution?

We often find in the New Year that many people have made resolutions to get fit, take up a hobby, get out and meet new friends, quit smoking or just simply try something different.

Membership in the LSKC can help you achieve all of these resolutions – yes, that includes quitting smoking too because you’ll learn about discipline and strengthening your body and mind!

Not got any New Year’s resolutions? That’s fine – if you’d like to be part of a friendly club, meeting new people, we’d still like to hear from you!

What can you learn?

You’ll learn Karate from experienced instructors that have been taught the traditions passed down through generations. You’ll find this knowledge will benefit you in all areas of your life at home and at work.

  • Improve your general fitness and wellbeing
  • Consideration and understanding which makes you a more positive person
  • Courtesy and respect which makes it easier for you to make friends and harder to make enemies
  • Discipline which is very important both inside and outside the dojo
  • Improve your concentration and co-ordination
  • Self-defence and how to calmly handle confrontation
  • Team work and being part of a community

We have dojos in Liverpool and the Wirral with classes on different days of the week. We can even arrange private training sessions at our private studio in Liverpool.

If you have any queries at all – just get in touch and ask.

December 9, 2014