New website

The new LSKC website

We’re very pleased to be launching this brand new website for the LSKC.

The aim is to provide a helpful, online resource for the LSKC that will benefit members and also those thinking about joining.

We have included background information about the LSKC, times for training sessions at each of our dojos, and a write-up about our senior instructors.

You’ll also find the latest news and posts on events such as competitions and gradings in one handy place.

This has been an investment for the club and its members and we feel it’s been worthwhile to ensure the website has been created using the latest techniques so you should be able to use it on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone.

We would like to thank George Towndrow for his assistance with the photography for the website.

He’s created some very striking images for us and if you’d like to talk to George about some photographic assistance you can reach him here:

December 9, 2014