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Ronnie Colwell was a recognised 9th Dan in the art of Karate-do and 10th Dan JyuJutsu and he spent a lifetime pursuing knowledge on fighting systems throughout the world

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Our founding father wished to create a bond that crossed all boundaries. Kizuna
A bond that allows strangers recognise a fellow Kizuna and feel no restrictions.Kizuna is beyond race, beyond religion, we are all brothers. Male or female, we are as one.

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Welcome to the WORLD MARTIAL ARTS ORGANISATION (WMO), our objective is to take the martial arts back to clean positive skills, rather than go along with other world bodies who have let our beloved Wmomartial arts slide to an all time low, rather than solid application ofa strike they are allowing weakskills that are corroding the arts even more each day.


World Kobukan Federation

The World Kobukan Federation formed by Master Ronnie Colwell in the United Kingdom, sanctioned by WUKO (World Union of Karate-Do Organizations). Master Ronnie Colwell, 10th Dan Shotokan, is the WUKO representative for the United Kingdom, and a founder of British Martial Arts. The WKF was formed by Master Colwell with the goal of unifying Martial Artists of all different styles under one very large roof in a Non-Political open environment of sharing and exchange. This affiliation will sanction World Kobukan Federation events and activities throughout the world.