Instructors at the LSKC

The Liverpool Shotokan Karate Club (LSKC) was founded by Sensei Ronnie Colwell in 1968.

LSKC founder - Ronnie Colwell

LSKC founder – Shihan Ronnie Colwell

Over the years he not only produced many excellent martial artists, he also achieved the rank of Shihan Colwell.

Having learned the real way of Karate, he instilled this into his students and many of those students have now risen to senior levels themselves, carrying on the tradition.

The ethos of karate is the development of character through the development of the body.

The ultimate aim of the Art of Shotokan Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants through hard training, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self-control.

We aim to help our members learn this art and enjoy the journey of learning at the same time – this means ensuring a friendly atmosphere in the dojo where our instructors use their skills to balance learning with fun, enjoyment and discipline.

LSKC members and instructors

The Liverpool Shotokan Karate Club

All instructors are CRB checked and adhere to our Code of Conduct and Protection policy.

We welcome members at all levels of skills and experience. If you’re thinking about joining just get in touch and have a chat with one of our instructors – you can pop along to one of the club sessions or drop us a line via our Contact page.